Behavior Intervention (BI) helps children improve their daily living skills, communication skills, adaptive and coping skills, and functional skills. BI helps children become more independent in their daily life. 

Positive reinforcement, role playing, modeling, naturalistic intervention, redirection, prompting, and time delay are used to assist children in accomplishing their goals. Behavior Specialists have at least a bachelor’s degree in a human service field, at least one year’s experience working with children diagnosed with developmental disabilities, and have met the requirements made by Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. 

Behavior intervention has been proven to be effective for strengthening family bonds, increasing school success and decreasing the odds of mental health issues.

Early intervention is important because it gives families the opportunity to add supports into everyday activities that they do with their child. This makes lots of learning opportunities available not only when playing but also while getting dressed, brushing teeth, family chores, eating and preparing meals among other things!

Behavior Intervention Services Boise Id

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