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Once a week Kids in Rhythm has a music together class which is led by a music therapist. We work on social/emotional, communication, and motor skills.

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Music Together in School is a program that celebrates music and builds inclusive communities.


Picture a preschool setting where music is always present and important. Teachers lead songs with passion, children are happy to sing-and play together in this new environment that they have come to love so much--a place called "school." Music Together In School brings families closer than ever before by creating an unforgettable bond between parents/caregivers & child.


Music Together is a music program that provides children with an opportunity to learn about rhythm and tonality while having fun. The weekly classes are 30-45 minutes long, taught by Music Together specialists in cooperation with classroom teachers at your child's school. The combination of activities ensures they develop competence even after progressing into creative musical play!

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