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 Neuro-Diverse children

Kids in Rhythm is a Pre-School + Therapy Center for both Neuro-Divergent and Neuro-Typical children ages 3-5

What if there was a way to get the weekly therapies your child needs without spending 10-30 hours a week and running from place to place?


After working with hundreds of music therapy students, and having my own Neuro-Diverse children, I noticed how exhausted the children and the parents were with bouncing from therapy to therapy. I know there are long waiting lists and sometimes you don’t even know where to go to find the therapy your child needs. Transporting your child to the various therapies can feel like a full time job.


I know that you only want what’s best for your child. I know that you are worried about failing your child by not doing enough to support their growth.


What if there was a way to have your child receive the therapies they need, while they are in Pre-School?


My name is Samantha Foote, I am a Music Therapist, and I want to help relieve the stress that kids and parents have when it comes to receiving the therapies they need. Kids in Rhythm is a Pre-School + Therapy Center for both Neuro-Divergent and Neuro-Typical children ages 3-5. Our goal is to help children learn and thrive together, while providing the therapies your child needs while they are IN school!


After completing the necessary assessments and tailored treatment plans, we can enroll your child into Kids In Rhythm and they can begin receiving their therapies under one roof!


Maybe you have tried enrolling into a Developmental Preschool but felt like your child wasn’t receiving the therapies they needed. Maybe you have wanted to enroll your child into a typical preschool, but worry they won’t receive the proper support. Maybe you have thought about not doing pre-school at all and just focus on therapies.


However, if you are anything like me, you just want your child to get the support they need.


The reasons they didn’t work is because Development Preschool requires private therapy outside of school. Going to a typical preschool with no additional support often leads to the child being kicked out of school, or not thriving. This makes it harder for your child to transition to Kindergarten. If they are in development preschool and not around typical peers, they don’t know how to behave around typical peers.


What your child really needs is a child-centered approach to therapies while in school for kids with and without disabilities to learn together, under one roof.


We believe that this will:

  • Lessen the burnout from both parent and child

  • Help your child thrive in preschool while receiving the amount of therapy actually needed

  • Give you more time to do preferred activities


This is exactly why I created the Kids in Rhythm Pre-School and Therapy Center. I wanted to help children with and without disabilities learn together. When I was a child I was rarely around children with disabilities. This was a disservice to me and to them. I also created this center to provide children an opportunity to thrive in a typical preschool experience with necessary supports in place.


If you are feeling burned out with all of the therapies and think your child would benefit from having all of their therapies in one place with support for parents, then let’s get your intake form completed and start your assessment!

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