Need Help Potty Training Your Boy or Girl? Here Are Some Tips:

As your baby grows into a toddler and beyond, there are so many ways she becomes more independent. You'll love seeing all of these exciting development milestones come and go but one in particular might require some extra attention on your part- that's when they've gone from being diaper users to fully potty trained!

A complex process, potty training can be tricky to know what the best approach is because every child learns differently. Boys may learn differently from girls and there's no one-size fits all way of teaching necessary skills so it really depends on your kid as well!

Tips for potty training your toddler:

To help you in your little one's potty training adventure, we've compiled a list of tips to make it easier for them:

1. Be sure your child is ready before starting potty training.

Picking the perfect time to start potty training your child can be challenging. Make sure you're looking out for signs that they are ready before going through this process with them, as it is a big change in their life!

2. Take your child with you to shop for the new potty seat.

Getting your child involved in the buying process makes them feel more involved and excited about using their new potty. This gives your child great incentive, and can help with the potty training proccess.

3. To encourage your child while he's learning how to use the potty, buy him some big kid underwear.

Be prepared for some accidents while he's training, but if you purchase fun undies like ones with his favorite cartoon character or superhero graphic on them it could help give them incentive and get them excited about potty training.

4. Implement a potty schedule

To make the transition into potty-training easier, try using a schedule for when your child should use the toilet. For example you could encourage going after eating or naptime in order to get on their regular habit of doing so! It helps teach them that going to the bathroom is a regular everyday thing.

5. Positive Reinforcement

It is important to praise your child when he does a good job on the potty, even if it's a high-five or hug! Remember that encouragement will help reinforce his positive behavior and keep motivation up.

6. Try a book.

Read him an entertaining story about going to the potty while he's actually sitting on it, or let him look at one of his favorite picture books so that you can both have some bonding time and make him feel relaxed during this process!

No matter what technique you use, we hope these tips will help your child get started with potty training. Remember that it may take some time before he or she masters the skill. But, don't worry your little one will eventually get the hang of it.