Things to Consider When Choosing The Right Kindergarten Program For Your Child

It can be hard to know which kindergarten program is right for your baby. With so many choices, where do you even begin when choosing a school? What's the best kindergarten in Boise, and what should I look out for before enrolling them?

There are many kindergarten options to consider when choosing the right program for your child. Here are some things every parent should look at in order pick a good one!

Find a kindergarten schedule that fits your child

kindergarten programs have a lot of different options when it comes to time and days that they operate, some individual schools even offer multiple choices. For example one kid may be ready for more school hours while another needs less; each student is unique in their own way, so finding a schedule that is best for your child is something that should be considered when picking the best kindergarten program in Boise.

As a parent, it would be a good idea to consider a schedule that works best for you as well, because you may not be available during some hours, and days of the week.

Consider a Kindergarten program the matches your family needs

You may have found a school that you absolutely love, but if it is difficult for you and the family to get your child to school everyday, you might want to reconsider. Here are a few important things that should be considered when searching for a "kindergarten near me":

  • School Meals

Are meals provided or will you have to pay for them each day? Will you have to pack a sack breakfast/lunch each day?

  • Tuition

Is the school private or public? Is there a child care program provided that can help your family pay for the tuition or do you have to pay it all out of pocket?

  • School Location

Is the kindergarten close in proximity to your home? Do you have to drive across town everyday – twice – to drop off and pick up? Is the school close your work? Or will you have to drive an hour just to go pick your kid when they are sick, to catch a program or performance?

  • Transportation

Does the school provide bussing? Will you have to drop off and pick up each day?

  • Before/After Child Care

Does the school provide daycare services before and after school? If the school day isn't as long as your work day, then figuring out child care may be a need.

  • In/Out of district

Attending the school in your district, is usually beneficial.

Teacher/Student Ratio

It is important to know what the class sizes are when searching for a kindergarten. This determines how much time teachers will spend with your child. If the class sizes are smaller, than chances are that your child will receive more attention throughout the day.

Choosing the right school for your baby is an important decision, but don't worry, if it doesn't work for you than you can always switch schools next year.

Consider Enrolling your child at Kids in Rhythm

Kids in Rhythm is proud to announce that we are now offering kindergarten for families in Boise! We are excited to be able to provide a real-world experience that helps your child function independently; initiate activities, make choices and follow through on decisions helping to prepare them for 1st Grade....and the world.

Our kindergarten classes are designed to be highly music-influenced to connect with our students on a deeper level and inspire both creativity and intelligent minds.

We provide kids an opportunity to thrive in a unique kindergarten experience with exclusive activities and unequaled support so your child will thrive! If you believe your child would benefit from learning in a fun, musically-driven, inclusive environment, look no further than Kids in Rhythm! Classes Start in September 2022. Contact us today to register.

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