Why Teaching Your Child To Deal With Boredom Is Important

Letting your child navigate boredom on their own is beneficial to the growth of young minds in more ways than you might expect. Some parents think that they need come up with creative ideas to occupy their children our they may feel like they have failed to meet expectations whether if it their own or somebody else's.

How can children experiencing boredom be beneficial?

Some of the benefits of boredom for kids include:

1. Resilience is built from boredom.

Helping your kids learn how to deal with life’s obstacles is essential for their resilience. When they give up at the first sign of challenge, it will be harder for them as time progresses and stressful situations arise in later years; similarly allowing bored moments once a while teaches children that facing unpleasant parts comes along way better than avoiding these challenges all together!

Delayed gratification teaches your child that they won’t always receive satisfaction right when they want it, but this doesn't have to be a bad thing. Sometimes waiting for something better than taking the first available prize is more beneficial.

2. Boredom is the perfect motivator for creativity.

When the old tricks lose their flair, it’s time to formulate new ones. When you were in school and got a lot of boring assignments that made your want fall asleep instead of put pencil down for paper; there might have been that one student who went above-and-beyond with what they were assigned - maybe they turned an otherwise dull research paper into something more interesting like a narrative adventure, or turning a poster board project into an eye catching masterpiece.

Boredom is a state that leaves room for creativity, which can lead someone to do things they haven’t done before. This in turn helps build more life skills such as problem-solving, metacognition (The state that you are aware/conscious about how your own thoughts) and collaboration.

3. Children can learn how to find comfort in solitude.

We live in a society is always moving at a pace that makes it difficult to stop and rest for even a moment. Many parents mimic this in the way they structure their child's schedule, hoping not put any gaps between activities or tasks as to avoid boredom from seeping into them.

This teaches your child that you can still enjoy life and have a good time, without socializing everyday and having a day completely full activities.

Although it can be difficult to watch our children struggle with boredom, it can actually be a good thing. It gives children the opportunity to find their own interests and passions, and helps them develop problem-solving skills. Next time your child complains of being bored, maybe take a step back and let them work through it. You may be surprised at what they come up with.

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